Moet & Chandon Imperial & Nectar Imperial

IMG_20140109_101203_zpsrtgbyvkiChampagne is by far one of my favorite wines to drink no matter what the occasion. So what better wine to kick off the blog with?! I’ve always enjoyed the elegance and ceremony associated with drinking Champagne. Something about the popping of the cork and the sound of the bubbles exploding with flavor as it fills the flute tantalizes all of my senses.

History of Moet & Chandon

Moet & Chandon was founded in 1743 by Claude Moet. Claude set out to design a wine that would be so well-balanced and executed that it would put the Champagne region of France on the map. Although Claude’s vision was the foundation of Moet, his grandson Jean-Remy Moet is given most of the credit for Moet’s success. By getting influential members of court like The Marquise de Pompadour (Mistress to King Louis XIV) and Napoleon to fall in love with his wines, Jean-Remy fulfilled his dream of “sharing the magic of champagne with the world.”

Map Of Moet & Chandon’s Vineyards

Moet got its name for its flagship Champagne, “Epernay,” from Napoleon while he was visiting their vineyards. Napoleon also awarded Jean-Remy Moet one of Frances highest honors, the Legion d’honneur. Moet has been used to celebrate sports victories since 1966, when race winner Jo Siffert used a bottle of Moet to spray fans at the “Le Mans” 24 hour car race.

Tasting Notes

          • Moet & Chandon Imperial
            Champagne, France
            Medium Bodied 12 % Alc By Vol.
            Approx Price : $50 Full Bottle $25 Half Bottle
            Rating: ★★★★
            Color : Golden Yellows Tints of Green
            30-40% Pinot Noir, 30-40% Pinot Meunier, 20-30% Chardonnay

            Created in 1869, Imperial has become Moet’s most iconic blend. This Champagne is designed to be Brut in its nature though I feel it exudes subtle qualities similar to those of a “Sec” or semi-sweeter wine. The nose bursts with Meyer lemon, white peach, apple, and lime blossom. On its heavier side, you get deeper aromas of honey and brown sugar. The palate surprises with a distinctive granny smith apple laced with some lemon zest. Its body is delectably crisp finishing with a round tartness that leaves the palate longing for more.

            Perfect as an aperitif or paired with baked brie, caramel, sushi, oysters, caviar, creamy or buttery sauces.

          • Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial
            Champagne, France
            Light/Medium Bodied 12% Alc By Vol.
            Approx Price : $55 Full Bottle $26 Half Bottle
            Rating :★★★★
            Color : Deeper Golden Yellow Caramel Tints
            40-50% Pinot Noir, 30-40% Pinot Meunier, 10-20% Chardonnay

            Nectar Imperial takes the brand’s iconic blend Imperial and highlights the fruitier, sweeter qualities rather than the drier qualities of its original Brut blend. The nose starts off light with hints of fresh creme brulee and baked apple finishing off with milder citrus notes and a lingering note of honeysuckle. The palate rushes in with the sweetness of ripe white peaches and a hazy note of lemon zest. Accent notes of sweet honeydew and syrupy honey lace the wines amazing balanced tartness as it dances over your palate.

            Spicy dishes and blue-veined cheese are this wine’s best friends. This wine is also an exquisite choice to drink as an aperitif, with caviar and oysters, or as a dessert wine.

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  1. sjwhipp says:

    These both sound delicious! I’ll be sure to include them at my next dinner party. Can’t wait to see what you taste next!

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